firefox plugins – the must haves!

Colorful Tabs
One of the things I got used to very fast when starting with “firebird” (the original name of FireFox) were the tabs. Yet when you have a lot them opened, then you can easily lose track of what was what. This addon gives each tab a nice pastel color, easily identifying your tabs, and nice on the eyes.

Firefox Showcase
I think this was stolen from the ideas from IE. Yet they’ve probably had stolen it from Mac… and they’ve stolen enough from Firefox in the past. So who cares? It’s a nice thing. You press F12, and you get a visual overlay of all the pages you have open.

Building websites? Then you NEED this. I cannot believe this wasn’t developed ages ago.

A crossplatform ftp client in the shape of a firefox plugin.

Choose which flash things need to be shown (thus downloaded).

Measure anything on a webpage. Handy when designing imo.

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