OpenAds: Managing ads on multiple sites

I’ve been using OpenAds for about a small month now. Where I have to tell you that it’s great! OpenAds is an Ad framework which enables you to control the ads displayed on your site kinda like an ad network (like Adsense) does.

Each ad network has it benefits, but also it’s downsides. So in most cases it’s nice to combine them. This is where OpenAds becomes a key component.

You setup a certain ad zone on your site, which you populate with content generated by the OpenAds framework. In this framework you add the banners (in which type you want!) to be shown in this zone. But you can put restrictions on the behavior of when ads should be shown.

For example:
I mainly use TradeDoubler & Adsense. TradeDoubler gives me more regional banners, but the target audience for this blog is mainly international. So I configured my OpenAds to only show the TradeDoubler banners when the browser “locale” was set to Dutch.

This is only one of the many examples where OpenAds becomes a great product to use. Try it yourself! And you’ll see that it has a great effect on your ad revenue.

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