Bigip : multiple virtual services running on different ports connected to one pool

– Two application servers
– Each application server hosts different 3 services (different ports) which depend on eachother

When one of the services on a node goes down (checked by a monitor), then all services should be marked as down.

Possible Solutions

  • Solution “divided” : A seperate pool for each service
    The way you normally do this, yet it’s not that clean as you make the situation a bit more bloated.
  • Solution “combined” : One pool for all services
    Use the “translate service disable” option when creating a virtual server. This will disable port translation for the specific virtual server.

If the virtual port is 65001, and the port used for the poolmembers is 65101, then when a request is send to the virtual ip on port 65001, then it will be rerouted to the pool member’s port 65101.
If the “translate service” option is set to “disable”, then the request will be sent to the pool member’s port 65001.
In this case you can setup one pool, with different checks for all services the nodes should provide. And create virtual servers pointing to one single pool.

man virtual

translate service
The options are enable or disable. You can turn port translation
off for a virtual server if you want to use the virtual server to
load balance connections to any service.

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