Feisty & rkhunter

It’s always good to do a regular rootkitcheckup on your system. A nice tool for doing so is rkhunter.

1.1) What is Rootkit Hunter?
Rootkit Hunter (RKH) is an easy-to-use tool which checks
computers running UNIX (clones) for the presence of rootkits
and other unwanted tools.
1.2) What are rootkits?
Most times they are self-hiding toolkits used by blackhats,
crackers and scriptkiddies, to avoid the eye of the sysadmin.

Installing rkhunter (thru apt)

sudo apt-get install rkhunter

Running a rkhunter report

rkhunter –checkall

The most common “errors” you’ll encounter with Feisty will be for the following files:


You can let rkhunter ignore these files bye simply adjusting your rkhunter.conf file.

kvaes@ubuntu:~$ grep -i allowhidden /etc/rkhunter.conf
# One directory per line (use multiple ALLOWHIDDENDIR lines)

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