eBay scamming

After two and a halve months I brought myself to the conclusion that I’m not going to see the object I bought (for the moment, an “expensive imaginary” wii) or the money I paid for it. Was I naif to believe friends who told me that their was protection from eBay, maybe, … One thing is sure, I learned a great deal from this experience:

  • If you don’t receive (notice about) the shipping within one week, file a dispute indicating that the object was not received.
  • When in doubt, don’t wait to long to file a complaint. You can file a complaint (with eBay) after 10 days, but you have to do it within 60 days. I believed in the other guys story for too long, and I got passed the 60 days.
  • Do NOT do transactions without paypal or wiretransfer. They aren’t “supported” by eBay, and they will just waive your claim away.
  • Always do insured shipping, never go for economy class. Apparently the postal offices have a lot of thieves within their ranks.

Those may be obvious to the eBay veterans, but it wasn’t to me (as an eBay newbie) until this situation. What I can say is be aware of the risks when dealing on eBay. Not everyone is as fair as yourself. Here I have to say that (apparently) some nationalities have a tendency to be more a scammer. These statements are mine personally, and I’m aware that I’m judging a lot of people who might not deserve this. Yet… I never had any issues with English, German, Dutch or Flemish people. On the two occasions where I had problems, it were both French speaking persons. Once the object was broken (Wallon person), and this time I failed to receive anything (French person – Gérard Loriot – Limeil Brevannes).

To close this, I leave you with a helpful link on the matter. It can be found at here, credits to AuctionBytes.

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