Hardware platforms

Ever needed to filter certain F5 platforms within your installation scripts? If so, check out the following document at the tech part of f5.com

You’ll see a listing of all the hardware platforms like this:

Platform: C36
Models: BIG-IP 1500, Enterprise Manager 500
Form Factor: 1U
Host Board: Tyan 5112
Processor: Single Celeron 2.5GHz
SSL Card: Yes

Now combine the Platform code with a small bash script like this one:

HW=$($AWK -F= '/^platform/{print $2}' /PLATFORM )
case "$HW" in
  C62*)   HARDWARE=3400;;
  C36)    HARDWARE=1500;;
  D44)    HARDWARE=2400;;

And you can tweak your scripts to only support certain hardware.

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