Generations: Boom says the X/Y generation, Hi says the NS generation

Today’s item on the morning radio show: “The new generation is set, it’s called N, and starts from 1998”. So I thought: “Nice… the last thing I read were things about ‘Gen Y’, where I didn’t even get who that exactly were. Curious as I am; google to the rescue! So here are my findings… Apparently there are some discussions about naming conventions and date ranges, but I’m going to keep the most commonly used definitions for this one.

In Short

  • 1925-1945 : Silent Generation
  • 1946-1964 : Baby Boomers
  • 1965-1980 : Generation X
  • 1976-2001 : Generation Y
  • 1998-***** : New Silent Generation

As you can see there is some overlap between them. There are even sub & transition generations when reading thru the material. But I tried to keep it summarized to the terms you see most often.

So who cares?
Something I often wondered was; “Who the **** cares?” Well apparently each generation comes with it’s own manual, as they were raised in a different culture. This is something that was to be expected, but there are theories about it. Each generation has it’s “Archtype”.

A generation is composed of people whose common location in history lends them a collective persona. The span of one generation is roughly the length of a phase of life. Generations come in four archetypes, always in the same order, whose phase-of-life positions comprise a constellation.

  • The Prophet archetype is born in a High, enters young adulthood in an Awakening, midlife in an Unraveling, and elderhood in a Crisis.
  • The Nomad archetype is born in an Awakening, enters young adulthood in an Unraveling, midlife in a Crisis, and elderhood in a High.
  • The Hero archetype is born in an Unraveling, enters young adulthood in a Crisis, midlife in a High, and elderhood in an Awakening.
  • The Artist archetype is born in a Crisis, enters young adulthood in a High, midlife in an Awakening, and elderhood in an Unraveling.


  • Artist : Silent Generation
  • Prophet : Baby Boomers
  • Nomad : Generation X
  • Hero : Generation Y
  • Artist : New Silent Generation

As with everything, you can see the spiral/pendulum effect that passes thru time.

The current/next generation
The Y generation isn’t always positioned positive by other generations. These current generation (Y & new silent) are the generations that grew up with the big ‘i’; the internet, the iPod, the videogames,… They have big social networks (on- & offline) and they have their first email address before their first ID card (Note: in Belgium you get your ID card at the age of 12). Assertiveness is the key aspect of these generations, where the old-skool generations mark them as “unrespectful”. I guess there is a reason why people gave birth to the term “Generation Gap” a long time ago… 😉

Generations and Archetypes
List of generations & List of generations
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