YAVUC – Yet Another Vista vs Ubuntu Comparison

Check out the following article : Ubuntu Linux vs Windows Vista: The Desktop Battle

Its Intro
Ubuntu Vista

It may be a brave opinion but I predict that Ubuntu Linux and Windows Vista are going to be the two operating systems that will take over the largest chunk of the desktop OS market during the next couple of years. This comparison is based on my experience with both systems during the last couple of weeks on two different computers. Borys Musielak

Its conclusion

As you can see both systems have their glitches but in the end both should work for you, as long you don’t try to “fix” too many things on your own. It’s always good to have a computer guru available as your first aid with the OS, especially at the beginning. Finally, in both cases make sure your hardware is supported. Both OSes are pretty new so not all the hardware (especially exotic WiFi adapters, TV cards and so) is supported, yet. If you don’t know how to check that, just buy a computer with operating system preinstalled. It’s easy these days to buy either a Vista or Ubuntu laptop or Desktop. Dell supports both of them, as one possible choice.

My view

I’ve been a linux adept for a while. To be even more detailed, apart from the needed corporate administration, I wouldn’t have booted up my (vmware dual boot) windows for the last year. Honesty dictates that my attempts of leaving the windows platform weren’t always that successful in the past, but having it as a desktop at worked flipped it all for me.

The biggest pitfall in my eyes are

  • Games : People like to play games on their computer. Their simply isn’t much commercial support for it. It has “some” (OpenSource) linux games, but don’t expect the full range as in windows.
  • Office : I love the OpenSource community, and no that doesn’t mean I’ll bash MicroSoft! Both have their (dis)advantages, and simply spoken: “MsOffice is still the best office suite there is”.
  • “Specific Apps” : A lot of companies have “home brew” software, which mostly isn’t supported that well. So why should they support linux too? (in their perspective)

So where it comes down too (in general)

  • If you have a DIY mentality, and love a flexible system. But you’re willing to take the work involved in getting it up an running. Then Ubuntu is for you.
  • If you want a simple system that doesn’t bring (many) new things so you don’t have to invest (time/thought) in your desktop. Then Windows is for you.

The two profiles are very roughly sketched. I’m fully aware that some people are not capable of leaving Windows cause their main application only supports it (cfr AutoCad). Or that Gentoo is even more work than Ubuntu. As mention, it’s a rough general profile sketch.

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