Tips & Tricks : Finding your monitor settings for your xserver config


This post is meant to share a small trick that I often use when installing linux on unknown systems. In my opinion, one of the biggest downsides in linux is setting up your monitor. Imagine starting out with linux, cause you hear it was great, installed it… and got an ugly looking desktop because the Xorg.conf is has the default properties.

Then you have a lot of evangelists saying you can perfectly calculate these values, but the thing that pops into my mind at this point is “user friendliness”.

A lot of things said to come down to the trick:

  • Download knoppix
  • Burn/mount it, so you can boot from it
  • Boot your desktop/laptop with the knoppix live-cd.
  • Backup the Xorg.conf file
  • Boot your main linux distro (cfr. Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, RedHat, Debian, … whatever)
  • Backup your original Xorg.conf file
  • Restore the Xorg.conf file from the Knoppix generated one
  • Tweak it to your preferences

A additional & simple step that might ease up things for you… 😉

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