UK next in line to ban hacking tools

The UK government has published guidelines for the application of a law that makes it illegal to create or distribute so-called “hacking tools”. Germany has preceded the UK in these steps, causing security researchers to challenge this law.

So how far would the definition of “hacking tools” go?
nmap matrix

  • Nmap – Okay, it’s a scanning tool, but I often use it for my profession too… Same goes for WireShark.
  • IDE – An ide can be used to code malicous programs, are those going to be banned too?
  • OS – Why not ban linux or windows? Windows because it’s the most popular system to be compromised, and linux because we can’t trust those people offcourse! 😉
  • To me this is once again a situation where goverments fail to provide decent measures to cover a certain objective. It’s even a case of shooting yourself in the foot. Why block your researches from having certain tools to block the “bad guys”? Where these attacks are often foreignly based. A more interesting attempt would have been to try to setup an international code/organisation that would make it more easy to find & prosecute these violators.


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