Linux being cursed because it’s free?

The story below is an excerpt from an article written by Vlad Dolezal. Being a student of psychology, he took another point of view towards linux evangelism.

In the 1970’s, a record label in Britain was selling albums containing cover versions of contemporary songs. Although the records sold for less than a pound a copy, hardly anyone bought them and the record company was suffering.

A whizz-kid joined the board and announced he wanted to more than double the price of the records. The other executives were shocked, but eventually agreed to his plan. Within a few weeks, the records were flying off the shelves.

When the records didn’t cost much, people didn’t value them. The record company was saved by redefining people’s perception of their product.

The article is build around the concept that people only value the things that they cannot obtain easily. It’s just about the basic human nature… Check it out!

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