Pick The Best OS For Your Life

Often people react that OpenSource people hate Microsoft. Let me correct this; some might, but not all! In my opinion you have to use a given operating system in the area where it’s excels.

So I’m going to post an excerpt from the “OS Wars: The Battle for Your Desktop” (from PCmag):

    Any OS. You don’t need anything fancy to browse the Web and send e-mail.
    Windows. Get things done with minimal fuss.
    Windows. Millions of gamers can’t all be wrong. (Or buy a Nintendo Wii.)
    Windows. All cameras work with it, and the imaging tools are plentiful.
    Mac OS. It’s what the pros in -Hollywood prefer.
    Mac OS. The other artsy people will laugh at you if you use anything else.
    Ubuntu. You’ll get the most satisfaction from taming this somewhat wild beast.
    Ubuntu. Not lining the pockets at Apple and Microsoft just feels good.

If you’re interested in the scores they gave for each OS:
OS Scorecard

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