Running back to the right mediacenter for my needs (part two)

MythTV addictAfter thrashing MythTV in an earlier post of mine, I came to fall back to it… One of the main requirements I had was to be able to stream TV to multiple clients across my home, yet the TV-Server component of Team Mediaportal proved unstable as hell to me. I was unable to view channels I was capable of viewing in the standalone version. I switched to SageTV for a few days, where I must say that this software proved that installing a media center can be “easy”. Yet it lacked some smaller features, required licenses for the base & every extender… which became a big “turnoff”. πŸ˜‰

So I switched back to MythTV, and…

  • ATI : managed the 3D support working for my x1250 video card (~ one day work)
  • EPG : Working! Thanks to a very easy integration provided by (/Johan?)
  • CAM : I have to rectify this, that it wasn’t due to linux, but to the firmware of my CAM. Yet the only tool to update this was running on windows.
  • Remote : I bought myself a MCE remote, configured it with lircd and forgot all about my TechnoTrend remote!
  • Antec case : still working on this one, where I’m thinking of just ignoring the possible features… not sure about the added value.(update: done!)

Yet I must say that from all the related software packages I tried, MythTV proved to be the WORST in scanning & setting up channels… The definite winners here are SageTV & Team Media Portal. Where others (like showshifter, beyond tv & sesam) didn’t even support a commonly used TechnoTrend card. Somewhere in between those two regions, we find GBPVR which detected my card, but had (apart from MythTV) the most confusing channel setup.

Next up: choosing additional frontend hardware

It would be a dream if my Wii would be able to (side)function as a frontend too, but I guess integrating my old XBMC-XBOX will be next up on the todo-list… πŸ˜‰

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