How much energy does my HTPC consume?

After check the power usage of my HTPC setup I can conclude that:

  • HTPC : Uses between 71 & 76 watt (3 watt when turned off)
    (100+ watt on bootup when the Cool’n’Quiet isn’t active yet)
  • TV : This on uses ~117 watt when turned on (0 watt when turned off)
  • TUNER : This one uses 5 to 7 watt when turned on, and 3 watt when turned off.

To put it in a nice table for easy comparision:

The HTPC uses about 50% of a normal pc, but it uses 10 times as much as my previous tuner. A CRT (+ speaker) would need the same amount of energy as my current TV, but an LCD would be cheaper (in energy usage).

Thanks to Stijn Bosse for lending me his power (wattage) meter.
Other readings were assumed by the following data.

One thought on “How much energy does my HTPC consume?

  1. I did the check again (after upgrading) to Hardy Heron, and the powerconsumption is 65 watt on idle time, and 0 watt when turned off. When the TV is playing, then it’s up to 300watt.

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