MythTV & XBOX Integration

XBMC offers native MythTV support from Revision 12173. It’s still pretty beta, but (in my eyes) it’s still working better than the python scripts.

Add MythTV as a Video Source

  • 1. Once XBMC is installed and running on your Xbox go to “Videos” and select “Add Source”
  • 2. In the “Enter the paths or browse for the media locations.” field you will need to enter the properly formatted username, password, and IP information for your mythconverg database. This information should be prefixed with “myth://” and follow standard linux network access formatting of: “username:password@ipaddress”. For example, if your mythconverg database is located on a machine whose ip address is and uses the username “mythtv” and the password “mythtv” you should enter the following:


  • 3. Input a name for this source in the “Enter a name for this Media Source” field. This name is what will appear in the “Videos” list of XBMC.
  • 4. Click on “OK” to add this source to the “Videos” list.

The issue that I had was that my XBOX froze after selecting a channel. It was caused because my MythTV backend returned it’s hostname to the XBOX, which was unable to resolve (DNS) it. So I gave my backend a fully qualified dns name, which was resolvable and the issue was fixed. From now on, I reused my old XBOX (which was turning into a dust collector).

MythTV: Xbox Frontend
XBMC Forums

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