You shouldn’t blog so much!

I almost forgot… last weekend this blog celebrated it’s one year anniversary!!! 😉

Sometimes frequent readers ask me the question : “Why do you blog?”

The cost
It “costs” you a bit of time to blog, but bare in mind that I don’t always blog on a daily basis. Yet I try to be consistent in the frequency of posting. This so that you are provided with regular reading material. This has made the blog grew with 152 posts the last year; that’s about 3 posts a week.
Open Attitude
When you’re blogging, you are exposing yourself. Some might find this awkward to expose some of their privacy to the outside world, but I’m happy with the line I drew for myself.

The benefits
Contributing back
When I encounter certain situations, I’m likely to find possible solutions on the internet. This may vary from technical to soft skill related things. The blog is my way of contributing back to the community by providing insights I encountered in my daily life. Off course you are free to apply or ignore this as it suites you! 😉
Writing practice
Blogging has improved my writing skills; the grammar aspect, the presentation of your posts, … actually communication in general.
I met some nice/interesting people through this blog… 😉
It provides me with a certain marketing platform which is so nicely called “Personal Branding“.
Sometimes I’m utterly wrong in my opinions… guess what, I’m only human?!? 😉 This blog is open to all comments, so you are free to reply when you do not agree with me.

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