Color me beautiful

The human mind is a sensitive thing… Communication consists of more than 90% non-verbal aspects. Colors have symbolism and color meanings that go beyond ink. Use it to anchor a certain feeling towards your slides.

Below you can find a listing of basic colors and their symbolism:

  • Black : heavy, mournful, highly technical, formal, death
  • Brown : earth, simplicity, outdoors
  • Blue : peace, tranquility, trust, confidence, security
  • Purple : royalty, wisdom, spirituality, mystery
  • Green : nature, environment, health, reptiles, insects
  • Gray : conservative, practical, reliability, security, staid
  • Red : passion, excitement, love, intensity, heat, aggression
  • Orange : warm, expansive, flamboyant
  • Yellow : optimism, happiness, idealism, imagination
  • White : purity, reverence, cleanliness, simplicity

If you want a more detailled information check the following pages:
Think Outside The Slide
Symbolism of Color and Colors That Go Together
Color Wheel

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