The Four Simple Meeting Rules

The following presentation contains four basic rules you need to keep in the back of your head when organizing a meeting. They may seem obvious, yet a lot of people tend to forget them!

Note: This is my first presentations using “PresentationZen” tips & tricks. I hope you guys like the outcome… 😉

The rules were inspired after reading up a lot of articles about “Stand-Up meetings”. If you’re interested in reading more, check the following articles:

4 thoughts on “The Four Simple Meeting Rules

  1. Slide 15 seems a bit crowded….maybe take the joke offline or in a seperate slide…..

    Slide 17: Loose the transparency

    Just my feedback. But it’s very very good!!!! I like your first attempt !!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. To be honest, I wasn’t too pleased with those two slides either, yet at the moment I didn’t seem to find a better alternative. 😉

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