Four Leadership Lessons

  • Learn to listen : Listen to people… How how they are feeling and what they are thinking. That’s the only way to figure out how you can help/coach/manage them! Remember that when you’re talking, you’re stating things that you already know. So are you a listener?

    “You have two ears and one mouth. This is nature’s way of telling us that you have to listens twice as much as the amount of time you’re talking!”

  • Never stop asking questions :

    “If normally rational people are behaving irrationally. That means you don’t have all the information they do.”

    You do not know everything, and you are unable to read minds. So ask a lot of questions to get all the information needed.

  • Be decisive : The speed to make a decision is an important quality of an executive. You’re being paid to rely on your experience. If you wait for every single data point, every time, you may be seen as indecisive or weak. You have to understand your gut feelings play more of a role. Dare to embrace the unkown!
  • Treat every job as your last : “People often see their current position as a stepping-stone to the next one and don’t embrace the role and give it their best. Think fundamental choices…


The following article has it’s roots in’s “What My Mentor Taught Me“.

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