Sensible Units

When browsing WebWare I stumbled upon a small service called SensibleUnits. It’s mission statement: Convert boring units to real objects as you type!

Remember Steve Job’s keynote speech on the iPhone sales? Okay, maybe you don’t… Yet during his speech he announced that Apple sold 4 million iPhones during its first 200 days on sale. Off course that doesn’t say much, so he visualized it by saying that was an average of 20,000 units per day.

Or remember the introduction of the MacBook air? (fragment @ 3:15)

20.000 units per day is something very visible, a laptop that can be put in an enterprise envelope is too. So understand that your audience wants something to compare it too.

Another example; On the first anniversary of this blog I said the following.

This has made the blog grew with 152 posts the last year; that’s about 3 posts a week.

I guess 3 posts a week was a bit more clear than if I had only said “152 posts / year”… It’s all about making messages stick! 😉

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