HR Retention with Generation Y

The following excerpt from “The War for Talent” is something where old-skool HR management struggles.

Gen Y Generation Y—people born after 1980—whose outlook has been shaped by, among other things, the Internet, information overload, and overzealous parents. HR professionals say that these workers demand more flexibility, meaningful jobs, professional freedom, higher rewards, and a better work–life balance than older employees do. People in this group see their professional careers as a series of two- to three-year chapters and will readily switch jobs, so companies face the risk of high attrition if their expectations aren’t met. As one HR director explained, “The millennial generation doesn’t want to work 100 hours a week. These kids want a different deal; they have seen their parents work all their life for the same company and then get fired. They are not interested in killing themselves for work.”

So the gen Y doesn’t always get portrayed positively. Yet HR has to face the fact that these people are our new knowledge workers. The generation Y wants the TRUE win-win situation in relation to their work situation. They provide knowledge to the company, and in return the company will have to provide a decent platform for this generation to grow. The financial side alone just doesn’t cut it with them, they want to be part of “Enterprise 2.0“!

Gen Y, the Knowledge Worker 2.0!

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