Why did you hire me?

Keith LaFerriere wrote an article titled “Why Did You Hire Me?” for “A List Apart”. It’s a definite must-read for every professional out there!

Can you remember being on a project or in a professional position where someone, somewhere, didn’t raise the question: “how much are we paying for this?” The question is sometimes born of jealousy or financial responsibility, but usually not out of malice. The client and their team want their money’s worth. Do your job correctly and hopefully it won’t become a question of “Why are we paying for this?”

And for those who’re just a tad lazy, here’s the bottom line

You are responsible for your own happiness, but you should always be aware of the cost. If you feel you will be able to perform to new levels and maintain a sense of peace in your career, then by all means explore, but please remember that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It shouldn’t be a question of “Why did you hire me?” but “When will we get to work together again?”


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