Build a house in 3 … 2 hours?

The following video is a promotion stunt (and record attempt) where they try to build in house in under 2 hours. Check it out to see if you find any references towards project management.

Did you notice anything?

  • Two Teams : Some healthy competition to speed things up, but also a group of people who act as a team.
  • Preparation : The execution might take two hours, but this was only possible to a lot of planning (and practice => experience)
  • Referees : The quality controllers who make sure that despite the constraint of time, the quality will meet the requirements
  • Task List : It’s like an ant farm out there, yet nobody interferes with each other. Everyone knows what, how & when they should do to make sure the team achieves success.
  • The Clock : Making sure everyone knows the actual status about the remaining time.
  • Closure : The clock stops when the house is ready… and then they celebrate. The project leader will review everything for quality, but also to get the needed “lesson’s learned”.
  • : Maybe you’ll spot some more?

(Related Movie)


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