Lifehacker’s Top Ten Conversation Hacks

Last week Lifehacker published a nice article with their Top 10 Conversation Hacks:

  • 10. Feign sincerity with eye contact and repetition.
  • 9. End a conversation with body language.
  • 8. Ask sensitive questions indirectly to skip awkwardness.
  • 7. Use silence to win arguments and nail a negotiation.
  • 6. Soften critiques with the sandwich method.
  • 5. Say “no” gently—or say “yes, but….”
  • 4. Ask questions well.
  • 3. De-code office jargon.
  • 2. “Pace and lead” an irate person.
  • 1. Become a human lie detector.

Check out the original article for the more detailled descriptions.

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