Don’t look down!

Whilst walking over a rope at a higher altitude, one might say

Don’t look down!

Yet the the first thing one does after giving this advice is to look down. It’s almost impossible not to … and it’s the opposite of the advice given. The hard part wasn’t avoiding the temptation, but deciding that you won’t be paralyzed by it. There’s no point in pretending that the reality of your situation doesn’t exist because it does. It’s better to embrace it and then take the next step in a direction that moves you forward. We just can’t linger on that moment that we look down and realize the gravity of our situations.

Look down, and move on!

Face reality and act accordingly. It’s always about context and how you deal with it. When you’re reading my blog you’re probably interested in a lot of techniques and methodologies. But be aware that these are only tools. It’s you who has to choose which to use in a given context!

A tool with a fool is still a fool.

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