Our Two Week Cycladic Dream

I’m back after two weeks of Island Hopping in the Greek cyclades. We first arrived at Mykonos where we were greeted by very unfriendly prices (read: 6€ for a beer, 14€ for a very simple spaghetti, etc). Yet the island hasn’t goet much to offer, despite that they out themselves as an exclusive Island. They have some big party beaches that can be compared to Ibiza, but that doesn’t justify the negative price/quality ratio. The second island was Paros; a very small & nice island. We toured the whole Island in one day with a scooter! Next up was Naxos… seemly bigger than Paros (about 3 to 4 times). Cruising this island with a scooter proved to be harder due to the hills. Yet it was worthwhile as the island has a lot of nice panorama’s and several different vegetations. We closed our tour with Santorini. It’s essentially what remains of an enormous volcanic explosion, destroying the earliest settlements on what was formerly a single island, and leading to the creation of the current geological caldera. This provides some spectacular physical beauty.

In short

  • Island hopping in Greece is great!
  • Rent a scooter on each island to discover it at your own pace.
  • Do a little research upfront on the island (to know which things to check out or avoid?) 😉

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