Enabling SSH on an ESXi

  • Go to the ESXi console and press alt+F1
  • Type: unsupported
  • Enter the root password
  • At the prompt type “vi /etc/inetd.conf”
  • Look for the line that starts with “#ssh” (you can search with pressing “/”)
  • Remove the “#” (press the “x” if the cursor is on the character)
  • Save “/etc/inetd.conf” by typing “:wq!”
  • Restart the server. Many guides say that you just have to restart the services, but this fails…

Login through ssh after the reboot and get the following:

login as: root
root@ESXi’s password:
Tech Support Mode successfully accessed.
The time and date of this access have been sent to the system logs.
WARNING – Tech Support Mode is not supported unless used in
consultation with VMware Tech Support.
~ #

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