Are you a leader or manager?

Check out the TechRepublic article “Nine ways leaders and managers work together“!

Although it’s not apparent in the structure of some organizations, leaders and managers have highly distinct roles, and both are essential to the success of the business. See if the traits described here fit your IT leaders and managers–or help clarify your own role. Leadership and management may sometimes seem to be at crosspurposes, with vision and inspiration on one side and measurement and control on the other. But as IT pro Shannon Kalvar observes, the roles are both essential and complementary.

Key Points

  • Leaders inspire; managers measure
  • Leaders guide, managers navigate
  • Leaders envision, managers maintain
  • Leaders talk, managers listen
  • Leaders support, managers teach
  • Leaders hope, managers analyze
  • Leaders authorize, managers direct
  • Leaders rally, managers retrench
  • Leaders expect, managers demand

Yet success requires both!

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