Quote of the day

“If you provide the servers and workstations and applications for an organization, that’s IT. When they cut your budget and make you responsible for the ‘phones as well, that’s ICT.” posted at “IT Job Satisfaction Plummets To All-Time Low” on ./

Apart from that quote, I do see a lot of truth’s buried in the (other) comments.

  • “As you get older, your priorities shift. Putting in extra hours is something you do because you have to do it in order to do your job well, not because you are enthusiastic. You have other demands on your time, and other responsibilities such as family. So the fact that the IT boom is long gone, job security is low due to outsourcing, and respect for the industries that pay most is at an all time low means you’re not attracting as much new blood.”
  • “So, being an IT guy ain’t what it used to be… at least to the public at large. And I think that lack of respect/not being appreciated for the kind of work that we do/etc is what’s causing a disconnect and a need for professionals to become *consultants*. Because, once you bill at several hundred dollars an hour, people start listening to you a lot more, and respecting you significantly better.”
  • “How many IT jobs today involve compliance? How rewarding is compliance-related work? I bet that some of the lack of willingness to suggest process improvements is somehow tied to the process baggage of IT compliance.”

On the long run, I see a future where IT is seen as a full business aspect where it should belong “process integration”. At the moment I think IT is mostly seen as the “maintenance” departement of companies who should fix the machines when it’s broken.

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