There’s nothing more permanent than a temporary fix.

Check ./ ‘s “IT Infrastructure As a House of Cards“… An interesting readup on what probably many smb’s (of sme’s with the same mentality) are facing.

Where it comes down to in the comments :

  • Documentation : Basically the foe of almost all IT-ers. Personally I don’t understand why as it makes your own job easier, but then again, it might not be “cool” or “tech savie” enough for most.
  • ITIL : It’s told as “unable to handle change”, yet where it boils down to is understanding (and implementing) the aspects of ITIL. (Hmm, documentation belongs here too…)
  • New Tech : All newly graduates want to be the next cool dev, where nobody thinks on the long term and wants to maintain stuff. Yet this should actually be the biggest part of an IT job… maintenance. We’ve got a big enough problem as it is, trying to pace up with all new techs. Remember “ruby on rails”, and how it was the next best thing? Seen it around on enterprise level? No, simply, because big companies try to stick with what works and focus their energy on keeping things running. New things should become a strategic advantage!
  • Trust : My gut feeling says many IT shops ruined their reputation within their own company or never got any trust what so ever. This will cause the budgets to decrease, and turn them into McGyver (ducktape & chewing gum).

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