Projectmanagement for dummies

Nah, we won’t be doing a book review here… instead this’ll be a small post describing the essentials of project management. Here are the … elements which embody project management :

  • Definition : You should have a complete list of items you should deliver and which you should NOT deliver! Look at it as a contract, where both parties agree upon a delivered item.
  • Changes : Try to keep changes to a minimum. Yet when they are presented, make sure to document & agree upon them between Project Manager (responsible) & Sponsor (customer).
  • TODO : Make sure you have all deliverables noted down, so you can tick those who have been done in order to know which still have to be done.
  • Time & Money : The aspects time & money need to be stated & respected as well.
  • Stakeholders : Make sure you do not forget anyone (really, anyone!) who is related to the changes you’re creating. Next up, make sure you handle (communication!) them well.

Now the above can be done in any methodology; Prince, PMBOK, … it doesn’t matter. It’s up to you to know how much “protocol” is needed to do the task. Some firms require a lot of stagegates where some rather like the informal approach. See what works best for you, and good luck!

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