The Service Catalog

A service catalog (or catalogue), as defined in Information Technology Infrastructure Library Service Design, is a list of services that an organization provides, often to its employees or customers. Each service within the catalog typically includes:

  • A description of the service
  • Timeframes or service level agreement for fulfilling the service
  • Who is entitled to request/view the service
  • Costs (if any)
  • How to fulfill the service

Source : Wikipedia

A service catalog is a great way to identify the services which are served by an IT department. It’s a detailled listing where you define the scope of a service. Personally I found the following Service Catalog Example (Source : RSteinberg) a very good start to work from! With the skeleton you can easily start creating your own.

Yet be aware! To be effective, the Service Catalog must be understood and used by the business. Yet all too often, IT departments invest countless hours to create Service Catalog documentation that few customers will ever read or use. Ultimately, the majority of these static Service Catalogs are rarely seen or read by either end users or business decision-makers – and thus have little to no impact. So if you’re planning to do this, be sure to read the following article too, which will guide you through the process a bit : How To Produce An Actionable IT Service Catalog (Rodrigo Fernando Flores)

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