Startup Lessons from Hubspot

Source : Startup Culture Lessons From Mad Men

Interesting post, yet some things don’t work out in environments which require attendance (conform low attendance helpdesk) :

Vacation Policy = No Policy : Nice one, where I would only add one exception “until minimum attendance is reached.

“We don’t care which 80 hours you work” : Agree completely! An happy employee will work more. A time registration system will only do the opposite of which should be the objective of the system.

Extreme Transparency : This gets rid of all the rumour flows and so on which paralyse the performance of any organization.

Seat rotation : Sounds like a cool concept. In (even not so) big coorporations, one may find that (s)he only knows their “cubicle”.

HubSpot Fellows : A coaching concept which is needed in ALL companies. Don’t hire people, push them in the pool and say it’s a good guy/girl if (s)he doesn’t drown.

All other points : … focus on the social side of the human being. Where creativity is needed (and trust me, you need it to let your company grow!), you need a social environment where people feel comfortable, appreciated/respected & nourished.

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