Tool Suggestion : Amahi

Link : Amahi

Feature Overview
The Amahi Linux Home Server makes your home networking simple. We like to call the Amahi servers HDAs, for “Home Digital Assistants.” Each HDA delivers all the functionality you would want in a home server, while being as easy to use as a web browser.

The core functionality available in the base Amahi HDA install includes:

  • Protect Your Computers Back-up all your networked PCs simply and easily on your home network. If one of your PCs “dies” you can easily restore it!
  • Organize Your Files Access, share and search your files from any machine on your network, making it easy to share and find your photos, music and videos.
  • Internet Wide Access Automatically setup your own VPN so you can access your network from anywhere: safely and securely.
  • Private Internet Applications Shared applications like calendaring, private wiki and more to come, will help you manage your home and your family!

Tool Suggestion : TeamLab

Link : TeamLab

Project Management
Build teams and assign tasks. Schedule project milestones, track project activity and generate reports.

Business Collaboration
View employee details, create posts in blogs and forums. Share photos, bookmarks and Wiki pages.

Instant Messaging
Chat with colleagues in real time. Get contact list automatically updated. Receive “what’s new” notifications.

  • Document Editing
  • E-Mail Management
  • HR Administration

Basecamp Import
Import your Basecamp projects into TeamLab. Make a seamless move to free project management and collaboration software.

Data Backup & Restore
Create data backup directly from your portal. Deploy TeamLab on your own server and restore data from backup in one click.