Microsoft Azure Support Lifecycle

As an architect, one always looks towards the supportability of the entire stack during the projected lifecycle of the solution that will be built. So when we are using Azure components, we should also be aware that these cloud services have a given support lifecycle too… Anyhow, let’s dig in!

Azure has four different support categories when looking towards the support lifecycle ;

  • Azure Virtual Machines – The Microsoft software supported on Azure Virtual Machines (Infrastructure as a Service) will follow the existing Mainstream and Extended Support phase of the on-premises lifecycle support policy.
  • Azure Cloud Services – Microsoft Azure Cloud Services (Web and Worker Roles/Platform as a Service), allows developers to easily deploy and manage application services while delegating the management of underlying Role Instances and Operating System to the Azure Platform. The lifecycle policy details for the Guest OS provided by Azure for Cloud Services.
  • Azure Services – All other Azure Services follow the Online Services Support Lifecycle Policy for Business and Developer
  • Support for Custom Applications using Open Source on Azure – For all scenarios that are eligible for support through an Azure purchased support plan, Microsoft will provide commercially reasonable efforts to support custom applications and services built using open source software running on Azure

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Is there anything specific you should note?

  • Microsoft Azure will provide 12 months of notice to retire the oldest Guest OS family from the list of supported OS families.
  • At the end of the 12 month notification period, Microsoft Azure will stop providing the latest/patched version for a retired OS family. The cloud services using the retired OS family will be unsupported and will be stopped.
  • Each Guest OS Version is normally disabled 60 days after its release. After this grace period expires, Cloud Services using the retired OS version will be force upgraded to a supported Guest OS version.

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