Permanently disable rightside toolbar in Adobe Acrobat Reader

The latter versions of Adobe Acrobat Reader had an annoying pane in the right that everyone always closed down immediately to increase readability. Though next time you opened up a PDF, the pane would be back! All changes to the state of the application were saved, except for this one… Extremely annoying and a waste of precious time when you need to close down that pane everything single time!

So for those who are also annoyed by this, apply the following steps for permanent removal ;

  • Close Acrobat Reader
  • Browse to the program folder of Acrobat Reader and then go to “Acrobat Reader DC\Reader\AcroApp” and then your language code
  • Delete the following files : AppCenter_R.aapp & Home.aapp & Viewer.aapp
  • Start up Acrobat Reader
  • Rejoice!

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