Azure : Direct SQL Server to Storage Account Backup

Did you know you can back up (and restore) your SQL data to (and from) your Azure Storage Account? No… Check out the following article ; SQL Server Backup to URL


How does that look in reality?
Browse to your storage account and click on “Manage Access Keys”…
2015-09-04 10_30_23-Storage - Microsoft Azure

Copy the “Primary Access Key” to your clipboard…
2015-09-04 10_30_56-Storage - Microsoft Azure

Now head over to your SQL Management studio and create the following credential…

CREATE CREDENTIAL [] WITH IDENTITY='kvaestest01', SECRET='Dnwkn...SydB...gfsZjm...TJ9Ew=='

  • Credential Name : The url of your backup location
  • Identity : The name of your storage account
  • Secret : The primary access key

And you will see it pop up in your objects…

2015-09-04 10_31_29-kvaestest01-6 - kvaestest.cloudapp.net_55099 - Remote Desktop Connection

Now we are ready for the action!

BACKUP DATABASE AdventureWorks2012 TO
URL = ''
,STATS = 5;

One thing to note. You can only use one URL in your backup command. So multiple backup files for concurrency reasons is sadly not possible.

Have fun!

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