Datadog on Raspberry Pi


Datadog is one of the more popular cloud monitoring tools in the DevOps community. It is not as strong in the APM suite as a NewRelic, though it is a very nice product. The reason I’m trying it today, is because I love my raspberry pi’s… and NewRelic does not support ARM. 😦


(Assumption ; I’m assuming you are using raspbian…)

We’ll start of with update our local cache…

sudo apt-get update

And then install “sysstat”.

sudo apt-get install sysstat

And now browse to your datalog account and select “from source” when selecting an agent ;

2015-12-29 09_18_28-New notification

And execute the command ;

DD_API_KEY=myawesomkey sh -c "$(curl -L"

And enjoy the magic… or wait for the magic.

2015-12-29 09_28_06-

And then suddenly…

2015-12-29 10_00_26-pi@pi_ ~

Which was verified by the Datadog website…

2015-12-29 09_57_06-New notification

Though the agent was running in the foreground, which is not very clean… Best to either make an RC script for it, or the sleazy way… Put it into the /etc/rc.local like this…

nohup sh /root/.datadog-agent/bin/agent &

Anyhow, the stats are pouring in… 😀

2015-12-29 _ Datadog


There is a tool which enables cloud monitoring for your Raspberries! Though it is a bit of manual process and you’ll need to foresee your own startup wrapper.


2 thoughts on “Datadog on Raspberry Pi

  1. Hi,
    I am getting the following error:
    # DD_API_KEY= sh -c “$(curl -L”

    * Trying to install optional requirements


    * Trying to install JMXFetch jarfile from

    It looks like you hit an issue when trying to install the Datadog agent.


    Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed

    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 –:–:– –:–:– –:–:– 0

    curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

    It looks like you hit an issue when trying to install the Datadog agent.

    What might be the problem?

    1. My suggestion would be to post an issue to the data dog agent repository on GitHub.

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