Azure : Exporting Resource Groups *NEW*


This is a request that has been posed A LOT in the past… Being able to export your configurations in order to “replay” them. And during build, an announcement was made that the 1.3.0 release of Azure Powershell had a feature we were craving for!

2016-04-04 08_32_48-Releases · Azure_azure-powershell


It has not been added to the “azure cmdlet reference“, though we can see the options easily via the “Windows Powershell ISE” ;

2016-04-04 08_36_27-Program Manager


Export-AzureRmResourceGroup -ResourceGroupName “kvaes-test-export” -Path “c:\temp”


Testdrive time!

So now let’s see how this baby works! First I’m going to retrieve my resource groups. And “kvaes-test-geo” seems like a good one to use…

2016-04-04 08_28_29-Windows PowerShell

An additional parameter is the “-Path” to which the .json file will be save.

2016-04-04 08_28_18-Windows PowerShell

After completion, the file shows up where it should be … (always a good sign!) 😉

2016-04-04 08_28_50-temp

Opening it up in an IDE… We can verify that an actual export was done with all resources inside.

2016-04-04 08_36_39-kvaes-test-geo.json - Microsoft Visual Studio



  • It is now possible to export Resource Groups!
  • This means that exporting is possible for “Resource Manager” configurations only. So not for “Classic Mode” (Service Management).
  • The content inside the export is of good quality. Though be aware that it still needs tweaking if you want to use it for things like Disaster Recovery or mass deployments!




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