Azure : Storage Explorer Preview


Another build announcement was the “Storage Explorer Preview”… ( )

  • Main Features
    • Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows versions
    • Sign in to view your Storage Accounts – use your Org Account, Microsoft Account, 2FA, etc
    • Connect to Storage Accounts using:
      • Account name and Key
      • Custom endpoints (including Azure China)
      • SAS URI for Storage Accounts
    • ARM and Classic Storage support
    • Generate SAS keys for blobs, blob containers, queues, or tables
    • Connect to blob containers, queues, or tables with Shared Access Signatures (SAS) key
    • Manage Stored Access Policies for blob containers, queues, and tables
    • Local development storage with Storage Emulator (Windows-only)
    • Create and delete blob containers, queues, or tables
    • Search for specific blobs, queues, or tables
  • Blobs
    • View blobs and navigate through directories
    • Upload, download, and delete blobs and folders
    • Open and view the contents text and picture blobs
    • View and edit blob properties and metadata
    • Search for blobs by prefix
    • Drag ‘n drop files to upload
  • Tables
    • View and query entities with ODATA
    • Insert prewritten queries with “Add Query” button
    • Add, edit, delete entities
  • Queues
    • Peek most recent 32 messages
    • Add, dequeue, view messages
    • Clear queue


Look & Feel


Compared too… Visual Studio

It looks very similar to the Visual Studio implementation. Though I can imagine that the codebases are shared between the both.

2016-04-04 08_51_01-kvaesacstesttable [Table] - Microsoft Visual Studio

So depending on your need… You may want to use one or the other.



  • Project Deco got an upgrade and went to “preview”.
  • You are able to manipulate your storage accounts a bit more in-depth without delving into code.

One thought on “Azure : Storage Explorer Preview

  1. At the time of posting, I’m experiencing some issues with ADFS logins for organizational accounts. Though my subscriptions linked to my LiveID worked like a charm!

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