Changing the timezone on your Azure Webapp / App Service / Function



With one of my flows, I was using an Azure function to generate a filename for my Azure logic app. This name was generated based on the date…


What did I see happening…2017-01-24-20_11_20-scoreboard-microsoft-azure

As I the script ran just after midnight, I saw that I was getting the day before instead of the actual date.


The Cause

By default, the Azure App Service / Webapp / Functions are running in UTC/GMT. Though I configured my logic apps to use the timezone “CET” (UTC/GMT+1)


When checking with “kudu”,  I saw I had a mismatch on my hand…


The Fix

Apparently there is an easy fix! So let’s try that one… Via the registry I checked for the official windows name for my time zone, being the “Std”-value (“W.Europe Standard Time”).


I went to the “Function app settings”


And selected “Application settings” on that page

Here I added an app setting called “WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE”, where I entered my time zone (std-value).


Press save and … wait for it.


Afterwards, all was okay!


5 thoughts on “Changing the timezone on your Azure Webapp / App Service / Function

  1. Hi. I follow your instructions and work fine. Thanks!
    But i have a question… because, although now if a function do Date.Now inside it, will return the correct date and time, but on the registry console still appears a wrong date.

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