Did anyone say Azure Active Directory reports in PowerBi?


A few days ago an announcement was made that there a PowerBI content pack has been published for Azure Active Directory! So let’s take that one out for a spin today and see what it can bring to the table.


Setting up the integration

This is one of the reasons I really like “cloud”! Integration almost has no entry barrier! Anyhow, in PowerBi, click on “Get Data”.



Go the “Services”-tile in the “Content Pack Library”


And select “Azure Active Directory Activity Logs”


Enter your tenant name


Authenticate with a Global Admin


And … it’s gathering the data from AAD


… wait for it …




Default Reports

Now let’s see what we get out of the box… We start with the following dashboard ;


Nice nice… And the reports? One report has been provided out-of-the-box, which has three tabs in it ;


What can we get from that?



That already provides a lot of information imho!


Customize it?

Now what if you don’t see what you are looking for?


You can still create your own reports! You get the following data sets …


Looking to for the actual fields?

2017-01-24-10_29_03-program-manager 2017-01-24-10_29_24-program-manager 2017-01-24-10_29_36-program-manager 2017-01-24-10_29_45-azure-active-directory-activity-logs-power-bi 2017-01-24-10_29_54-azure-active-directory-activity-logs-power-bi 2017-01-24-10_30_03-azure-active-directory-activity-logs-power-bi


Closing Thoughts

The Azure Active Directory pack gives you an easy way to get insights into the usage of your tenant. Imho, a must have for any AAD owner! 😉

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