A quick glance at the newly announced Azure Container Instances


The Azure Container Instances (ACI) have just been announced. Today we’ll take a quick glance on how it looks in reality. Though what are ACIs?

Azure Container Instances offers the fastest and simplest way to run a container in Azure, without having to provision any virtual machines and without having to adopt a higher-level service.

Want to try it yourself? Check out the ACI Quickstart!


Let’s see how it looks?

In contrast to the quick start, I’m going to use the portal… This is currently not the preferred way, though let’s see how that one looks at the moment.

Let’s create on shall we?

Now we can choose to create a container based on an image in a private container registry…

Or just a public one!

Let’s take the public one, and give it a basic config ;

Next up, let the validation pass and press create.

… wait for it… ohh, there it is…

So after 19 seconds the container was created. Now let’s check the IP address of the container. For this we’ll need to use the Azure CLI. This is something you can best do via the Cloud Shell …

So what output did we get?

karim@Azure:~$ az container list --resource-group kvaes-test-aci2
  "nextLink": null,
  "value": [
      "containers": [
          "command": null,
          "environmentVariables": [],
          "image": "nginx",
          "instanceView": null,
          "name": "kvaesnginx-vwsscgwt6qham",
          "ports": [
              "port": 80
          "resources": {
            "limits": null,
            "requests": {
              "cpu": 1.0,
              "memoryInGb": 1.5
          "volumeMounts": null
      "id": "/subscriptions/.../resourceGroups/kvaes-test-aci2/providers/Microsoft.ContainerInstance/containerGroups/kvaesnginx-vwsscgwt6qham1",
      "imageRegistryCredentials": null,
      "ipAddress": {
        "ip": "",
        "ports": [
            "port": 80,
            "protocol": "TCP"
      "location": "westeurope",
      "name": "kvaesnginx-vwsscgwt6qham1",
      "osType": "Linux",
      "provisioningState": "Succeeded",
      "resourceGroup": "kvaes-test-aci2",
      "restartPolicy": null,
      "state": null,
      "tags": null,
      "type": "Microsoft.ContainerInstance/containerGroups",
      "volumes": null

And what was the result? There we have our little container…


Closing Thoughts

  • Want to run a single container without the hassle of an orchestrator of managing a VM? Then ACI will probably be a great fit for you.
  • Do you require an orchestrator? Then ACI connector for Kubernetes might be something interesting for you.
  • What are the deployment options for an ACI? The portal, Azure CLI & the ACI connector for k8s. So docker-compose (or equivalents) are currently not supported.
  • What about pricing? The setup as I did will cost a bit more than 2$ per day.

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