Azure API Management : What about Multi-Region & VNET Integration?


Yesterday I received a question whether the combination of Multi-Region & VNET Integration is supported for Azure API Management. My gut feeling told me yes… Though it seems our documentation wasn’t 100% clear on the matter. So I did a quick test to see if it was possible.

Let’s check it shall we!

To get this started, I’ve already deployed an API Management Service. As you can see, it’s being activated with one unit deployed into North Europe.

Once deployed, I’m going to make it a Multi Region setup, by adding an additional deployment to it.

West-Europe seems nice! Really, no bias here, at all… 😉

Added… and we’ll press “Save”

As the service is being updated. Let’s check the VNET integration. We can see that North Europe is showing already, though no virtual network / subnet has been selected.

Let’s wait for the update to finish.

And now we see the second region in the Virtual Network integration too.

Let’s add the networks…

And… done!

Pressing “Save”. Do note that you need the Premium edition in order to use the multi region & vnet integration!

And once done, we’ll see that a VIP has been added per region.

That’s even showing up in the general overview too.

Though, which might seem a bit odd, you won’t see the API Management as a device in your VNET view itself. 😉


Closing Thoughts

  • VNET Integration & Multi-Region Deployments can be combined!
  • Do note that you need the premium tier to do this.
  • The API Management will not show up in the devices view of your VNET.

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