VMchooser now supports Azure Migrate Exports


The “BulkUploader” module of VMchooser has existed for quite some time. It is without doubt the most loved capability by all the visitors/users. Though where many are accustomed to working with the CSV Input file, do know that you can now also use the export files of Azure Migrate! For today’s post, let’s go through the process…


Let’s take a look

Go to your Azure Migrate project

Choose an assessment you would like to export


Click on the “Export assessment”

Wait for it…

And you’ll be prompted to download the export file

Save it locally and then select it with BulkUploader’s upload field. Now instead of using the traditional CSV file (which is still possible!), you select the Azure Migrate export file.

And VMchooser will also start processing this one!

Closing Thoughts

VMchooser will detect things like currency, region & contract type. Next to that, it’ll use the details of your assessment to do the bulk processing of all the various items (vm sizing, os disk, data disks, vm optimizing info, … etc). You will miss out on certain flags (like the ones of SAP for instance), though it’ll already provide you with a good starting point!

In terms of roadmap, I’m also looking to provide support for RVtools (for VMware farms) and also an integration with the Azure Portal which could be used as an “alternative” to Azure Advisor.

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