Microsoft Whiteboard anyone?


Ever heard of the app “Microsoft Whiteboard’? No?!? If you carry whiteboard markers around in your backpack like me, and you really like white boarding, then you should definitely check it out!

So a whole post about a white-boarding app? Yep… Though wait till you see the cool features it can do! 😉

Getting the application

You can get the application from the Microsoft store


Or from the Apple App Store ;


Start drawing!

When opening up the application, go to the settings menu ;

And enable the following settings ;

Now try to draw a circle…

And it will be changed to a nice circle!

Now draw a square …

And the square will be beautified!

Now draw a line over the rectangle…

And it will become a table ;

Now go for a vertical line…

And we have added columns…

If we now start drawing inside of the table, it will auto size/expand ;


Bing Images

Go to images, and then select “Bing Image”


And start writing what image you want to look for…


Apparently I am not known… #sadpanda

Luckily the term dog is familiar! Let’s take one…



Beautify Text

So I wrote my name again…

Now select it, and press the ink beautification.

And it will beautify the text. Which apparently made my name go from Karim to Karin… #oops



You can even share the whiteboard with others… Click on the user icon, and invite someone ;


Let’s share this nice holiday art with Satya… 😉



Closing Thoughts

The Microsoft Whiteboard is the software running on the Surface HUBs, and it can also run on your device (Windows, iOS, …). If you are coming from Paint, then this might be a huge leap forward. Though it is an awesome tool to work with, and that is why it gets a bit more attention today! 😉



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