The 3 kinds of free models

Logic+Emotion featured an article called Visualizing Chris Anderson’s “Free” Model.

  • Free 1 : Kinda like the concept often used by Telecom operators. Buy a subscription and get the mobile phone for free. (Too bad this concept isn’t allowed by law in Belgium…. “Koppelverkoop”)
  • Free 2 : The concept where the whole web 2.0 is running towards… Offer something for free to your community, but let an external party pay for their “subscription” by means of advertising.
  • Free 3 : Shareware meets web 2.0… Get a limited version for free, but pay for the premium version.

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Interesting AdNetworks for European publishers

Working with an ad network gives you certain advantages:

  • They take care of the advertisers. Which enables you to have more time to work on your website, or whatever…
  • The money generated from all the advertisers comes as a bundled payment. This is more friendly on the expenses of your (bank) transactions.
  • Most (if not all) ad networks provide a clean interface where you can see the statistics about your sites & ad programs.
  • Networks want their publishers to generate revenue (as they take commision), so they are (mostly) very helpful in supporting your stake.

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