Global Standards and Publications Edition 2012 / 2013

Our environment is ever changing and we hear a lot of frameworks and standards being tossed around. Vanharen has published a free ebook with a “one pager” per Standard / Framwork. So if you want get a quick overview of a given standard, this is the place to look!

Wich standards are featured?

  • 1. Agile 9
  • 2. Amsterdam Infor mation Management Model (AIM) 13
  • 3. ArchiMate® 17
  • 4. ASL® 20
  • 5. Balanced Scorecard 23
  • 6. BiSL® 26
  • 7. CATS CM® 29
  • 8. CMMI® 32
  • 9. COBIT® 35
  • 10. EFQM 40
  • 11. eSCM-CL 44
  • 12. eSCM-SP 47
  • 13. Frameworx 50
  • 14. ICB® 53
  • 15. ISO 9001 56
  • 16. ISO 14000 59
  • 17. ISO/IEC 15504 62
  • 18. ISO/IEC 27000 series 66
  • 19. ISO 31000 69
  • 20. ISO 38500 72
  • 21. ISO/IEC 20000 75
  • 22. ITIL® 2011 78
  • 23. Lean management 82
  • 24. M_o_R® 85
  • 25. MoP™ 88
  • 26. MSP® 91
  • 27. OPBOK 94
  • 28. P3O® 97
  • 29. PMBOK® Guide 100
  • 30. PRINCE2® 103
  • 31. SABSA® 106
  • 32. Scrum 113
  • 33. Six Sigma 117
  • 34. SqEME® 120
  • 35. TMap® NEXT 123
  • 36. TOGAF® 126

Dear readers,

In this rapidly changing IT and business environment most things
should and could be more easy. It is no wonder that methods like
Agile and Scrum are gaining popularity. New developments offer
great opportunities for those willing to make the most out of it
but it can be diffi cult not to get overwhelmed.

In the current environment with constant changes and almost
infi nite ways accessing information and communicating it is
essential to make communication as clear as possible and ensure
the quality of information. Van Haren Publishing makes general
Best Practices available to provide quality, practically validated
information worldwide. The use of standards and frameworks
gives everyone the same language thus minimalizing the chance
of errors due to unclear communication. Best Practices regarding
these standards and frameworks provides you with information
summarizing years of experience by the best in the industry.

Not only do we publish books on Best Practices, we also actively
and independently promote the standards and frameworks via
our freely accessible eKnowledge. To make communication on
standards everywhere a little easier, we provide you with a basic
summary of 36 relevant standards in our catalog. It is an illusion
those standards will lead to better results. More important is the
people factor, as without people all these things don’t evolve at
all. But that is beyond the service we provide, all we can do is give
a start in sharing best practice and share generic solutions. The
rest should come from you.

Kind regards,

Ivo van Haren, CEO Van Haren Publishing

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Scrum & XP from the Trenches

Henrik Kniberg and offer a free version for download of the book “Scrum & XP from the Trenches“.

This book includes:

  • Practical tips and tricks for most Scrum and XP practices
  • Typical pitfalls and how they were addressed
  • Diagrams and photos illustrating day-to-day work
  • Testing and test-driven development
  • Scaling and coordinating multiple teams
  • Dealing with resistance from inside and outside the team
  • Planning and time estimation techniques
  • Forwards by Jeff Sutherland and Mike Cohn

I’ve enjoyed reading the book and must say that I can recommended it to anyone interested in Scrum!

The Bookclub

Next up some small reviews on some books I’ve read recently… Have fun!

Small is the new Big!

A book full of rants and ideas by Seth Godin. It had some good moments but I wouldn’t recommend it if you only had a few Euros to spare… 😉

Competitive Strategy

A lot of things where one would think that they are common sense. Yet I learned two wise lessons from this book. A company has to focus on building it’s brand, being low-cost or going for a certain niche. If you remain in the middle of those three areas, then it’ll lose in the long run. The second lesson is kinda basic; instead of growing, first think of losing the customers where you only have an uninteresting profit margin.

The Halo Effect

A good book for everyone who is reading a lot of management books! It puts popular management books (like for example “good to great”) in perspective by showing that statistics are affected by the “Halo Effect“.

12: Elements of Great Managing

Very good book! Yet another book where you’d think that it’s common knowledge, but all 12 rules are illustrated by “real life” examples. A very good read for every manager!

Good to Great

Probably one of the most known management books where researchers try to identify the reasons why companies make the leap from good to great. Put aside the comments made by the halo effect and you will find some good lessons in there. Just know that there isn’t a holy grail to management!

Presentation Zen

A MUST READ for everyone who gives presentations! Also check out slideshare or “death by presentation“.

The adventures of Johnny Bunko

I bought this book after reading Garr Reynolds his post about it and I found it amusing. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a manga fan. The slideshare presentation made by Garr gives you all the insight you need… 😉