Microsoft Whiteboard anyone?


Ever heard of the app “Microsoft Whiteboard’? No?!? If you carry whiteboard markers around in your backpack like me, and you really like white boarding, then you should definitely check it out!

So a whole post about a white-boarding app? Yep… Though wait till you see the cool features it can do! 😉

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Business modelling in lesser times…

A lot of business models are known:

  • Brokerage
  • Advertising
  • Infomediary
  • Merchant
  • Manufacturer (Direct)
  • Affiliate
  • Community
  • Subscription
  • Utility

Yet you still have to get to the point where you can say… this is it! That’s where Alexander Osterwalder has created a good method to define your business model.

Slideshare Slideset

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About a month ago I started my own webdesign agency. So after almost 2 years of I’ve took the step towards entrepreneurship!

We focus on the “local” market, providing quality websites at an affordable price. It’s not “yet another high priced” bureau… The OpenSource world provides the means which enables us to provide a very interesting price.

Creative Commons

As some of you might have already noticed, my blog content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution license. I’m a true believer of the Open Source community and the Creative Commons licenses follow this vision for published content. For those who don’t (fully) know how these licenses work, check out the following slideset.