Close-up card magic with Lennart Green

Like your uncle at a family party, the rumpled Swedish doctor Lennart Green says, “Pick a card, any card.” But what he does with those cards is pure magic — flabbergasting, lightning-fast, how-does-he-do-it? magic.

Card tricks, always a nice visual illusion!

Running back to the right mediacenter for my needs (part two)

MythTV addictAfter thrashing MythTV in an earlier post of mine, I came to fall back to it… One of the main requirements I had was to be able to stream TV to multiple clients across my home, yet the TV-Server component of Team Mediaportal proved unstable as hell to me. I was unable to view channels I was capable of viewing in the standalone version. I switched to SageTV for a few days, where I must say that this software proved that installing a media center can be “easy”. Yet it lacked some smaller features, required licenses for the base & every extender… which became a big “turnoff”. 😉

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Finding the right mediacenter for my needs

xbmc logoCombine all the media one

    has (television, pictures, movies, sound fragments,…), and think about the number of devices one needs to have. A computer for viewing those foto’s, where some media fragments and pictures are located. Then we have our hifi set for our cd’s & dvd’s, maybe even a tuner for the satellite connection. In the old days there was even a VCR involved… In my mind WAY TOO MANY devices! So I went looking.

    The first move I made in this area was to transform my old XBOX to a media center. The software I used for this was XBMC (Xbox Media Center). But this setup turned out to have two disadvantages:

  • Legal : Microsoft isn’t too fond of the project, and it balances on the line between legal & illegal. Therefor the software isn’t easy to obtain, as one needs (read: should) to compile it theirselves.
  • TV : There is no direct TV option in XBMC. One would be able to create an integration using uPNP, but then again… it wouldn’t be “native”.

So I had my tv tuner & my xbox for all my media needs… But being human, I still wasn’t fully satisfied. 😉

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Zalig Kerstfeest en Gelukkig nieuwjaar!

Xmas Linux

For the most frequent visitors:

Flemish – Zalig Kerstfeest en Gelukkig nieuwjaar
English – Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
German – Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein glückliches Neues Jahr!
Finnish – Hyvää Joulua or Hauskaa Joulua – 0nnellista uutta vuotta
French – Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année!
Italian – Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo
Japanese – Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto
Spanish – Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo

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Apt-get fun

Need some cheering up, do the following commands on your ubuntu system:

  • apt-get moo
  • aptitude –help | grep Cow
    • aptitude moo
    • aptitude -v moo
    • aptitude -v -v moo
    • aptitude -v -v -v moo
    • aptitude -v -v -v -v moo
    • aptitude -v -v -v -v -v moo
    • aptitude -v -v -v -v -v -v moo

Linux moo

MS Riddles : Service Pack 0.1

This post is meant as a follow-up to an earlier article with the subject “Why are manhole covers round?“. It’ll feature some additional “Microsoft Hiring Questions”. Here are my personal “favorites” :



    • You’ve got someone working for you for seven days and a gold bar to pay them. The gold bar is segmented into seven connected pieces. You must give them a piece of gold at the end of every day. If you are only allowed to make two breaks in the gold bar, how do you pay your worker?
    • Answer
    • Imagine a disk spinning like a record player turn table. Half of the disk is black and the other is white. Assume you have an unlimited number of color sensors. How many sensors would you have to place around the disk to determine the direction the disk is spinning? Where would they be placed?
    • Answer (Discussion)
    • You have two jars, 50 red marbles and 50 blue marbles. A jar will be picked at random, and then a marble will be picked from the jar. Placing all of the marbles in the jars, how can you maximize the chances of a red marble being picked? What are the exact odds of getting a red marble using your scheme?
    • Answer
    • There is a room with a door (closed) and three light bulbs. Outside the room there are three switches, connected to the bulbs. You may manipulate the switches as you wish, but once you open the door you can’t change them. Identify each switch with its bulb. (note: For the Belgian & Dutch readers, this one was on “De Mol” a few years back.)
    • Answer

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Wrong password doofus!

There is a fun feature available within the sudo program. You’ll get an insult when you do the wrong thing such as enter your password incorrectly.

To turn the feature on you’ll need to use the following command:

sudo visudo

(always use visudo when you need to edit your sudoers file as it has a self-check system that won’t let you screw it up.)

Change the “Defaults”, by adding “,insults to the back
For example:

Defaults !lecture,tty_tickets,!fqdn,insults

Save, and enjoy the action!
(Note: use “sudo -K” to clear your sudo session)

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